Sunday, January 6, 2013


Punctum is looking for a freelance marketing expert who can manage our advertising, with contacts in the luxury sector. Launched in 2011, Punctum is the world's only pan Asian photography magazine. Printed and designed in India and distributed by Pineapple Media, UK, it has an international presence and consists of an expert team of guest editors which brings us the best from 15 odd Asian countries twice a year. Photo essays are accompanied by text by leading authors, and we have been supported by Casa Asia, the Prince Klaus Fund, the Japan Foundation and the British Council, among others. We have launched issues at the first Delhi Photography Festival and Bombay Electric, one of the boutique outlets which sells our publication. Punctum has been featured in countless publications and has an increasing readership and niche client base. It has tremendous scope, with its pan Asian reach and unique content. We are small but growing and now need someone with knowledge of and contacts in the luxury sector, to keep advertising going. Please send applications to: